We offer a full range of testing services for residential, public or commercial buildings. Testing time frames can extend over three days, three months, six months or a year depending on the urgency of your request as well as your comfort level in regards to test result waiting times.

We are more than willing to meet with you to discuss the various options and costs involved.



Repairing a home or workplace with a high radon level is usually referred to as “mitigating”.


With lung cancer can be directly linked to Radon

Annual number of radon-related lung cancer deaths in Canada


Preventable! High radon levels can be fixed easily


If you have a radon test that is higher than the ‘action levels’ Health Canada recommends, or if you want to lower your family’s or employee’s exposure to radon gas we will proceed as follows:

Moncton Radon Testing and Solutions Inc. will analyze your home as to how it was built, type of foundation wall construction, basement floor finishes, presence of sump pit, high water table, topography, size, age of building, and what level of Radon Gas your test showed. This information or as much of it as is known, is usually taken over the phone. It is also important for us to know what type of test you conducted including device type, length, and protocol followed.

Moncton Radon Testing and Solutions Inc. will then book an appointment to complete a soil permeability or connectivity test. This will show us the permeability of the gravel bed and/or soil under the concrete and find out if there are any hidden footings which will affect connectivity. This will also provide us with key information so that we can recommend the correct system for your home.